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Most tolerable mask I’ve worn!

I love the black color and the quite comfortable fabric. Thank you.

Functions as Advertised

My latest order was to provide mask for my daughter who works in a lab environment. I have been using HaloLife masks since early in the pandemic and it does everything advertised. Tight but comfortable fit, adjustable, and filter seems to work well. So well, I don't feel the need to "upgrade" to an N95 mask.

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements
Clarence Michael Fuller
Took two trys - but HaloLife Delivered

My original shipment went 'walk about' -- their CSR representative worked through the issue and my filters were delivered.

The mask is comfortable and the filter / mask combination work as expected --

Best light weight mask

If you really want to feel safe & new comfortable, this is the best mask. Not only does it fit great, I feel safe knowing the carbon mesh replaceable inserts filter down to 1 micron. Even N95 only filter to 3 microns. This is a no brainier.

Aqua mask is green

I was very disappointed in the color of the mask. It's more of a jungle green.


I originally purchased 2 HALOmasks when the pandemic started for my wife and I which is why I purchased two more. I find them to be well made and I liked the idea of a filter that can be changed as well. The filters are tricky to change but doable. My wife's mask had to be replaced. The part that gives the mask its shape broke which is why I gave the mask 4 stars.

Fourth Halolife mask

I found these masks last summer when I realized I’d need a comfortable, effective mask for the long term as covid was not going away. They’re comfortable and fit great. I’ve worn thru entire days at work and long haul flights without issue.

Can be better

So the mask itself is comfortable, but it can be better. Getting the filter in can be a struggle. The new 3m nose strip isn't as good as what comes with the mask. What I mean by that is, it doesn't provide the best seal for keeping glasses from fogging up.

Great masks

These masks fit great and snug in all the right places. Allow comfortable breathing when wearing for many hours. A plus is that the filter fits from the top to the bottom unlike other masks where the filter is a rectangle and leaves a gap in the nose or mouth area as they don't fit in the entire lining.

Most comfortable

I’ve had many purchases from your store, you can check my history. This is the first time couple of my mask didn’t have those ringlets on the end of the string to tighten it. Is there a way I can get some sent out to me? I’ve tried using others but your string is too thick.


I love my masks, with the exception the foam nose piece doesn't stick too long. Especially after removing to wash the mask!
I need to get some replacements!

My 6th or 7th Halo.

Need I say more? Medium fits my small adult face perfectly!

Second purchase

Very happy wit fit and comfort. Plan on purchasing more.

Great mask. No covid19 so far!

I have traveled, on Delta airlines, 12 times this year. I don't know if it's the mask, the safety of the airlines or both but neither my wife nor myself have have been infected yet. Also, vaccinated, boosted, following the science and living life.

Royal Blue mask

Great mask! The fit is perfect for my middle schooler. It’s comfortable and a nice color!

peace of mind

I love my Halo mask and I feel safer knowing I have a replaceable very fine filter.

Good mask

Good mask

Working Well

The masks are working well. My only issue is the nose pads can’t stay on through hand washings so we don’t use them. We are washing the masks daily for my daughter and rotate them regularly.

Impressive product

Excellent product and fits great. Have purchased several to be able to rotate while others dry from hand washing. Best mask ever!

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

Amazing Masks

I teaching kindergarten and have been struggling with teaching young children while wearing a mask, your masks are wonderful! I can talk and breath and children can understand me. Thank you so much. I was ready to quit.

Halo is the best!

Recommend to me by a teacher who needs to wear one all day every day. Well he did not steer me wrong. These are the most comfortable face masks I have ever used. I feel confident with the filter in that I am getting maximum protection.

Filters for days!

I love how strong the filters are. They take a little work to put in the first time, but not too difficult. I purchased two 12pks, so that along with the filters that come with the masks, I have enough to last a whole year!

Great Mask

Very comfortable and cool. Great for working out .