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Blue Mask

I am very pleased with my new blue mask as I have been with the other 3 masks I ordered for myself. They fit well & I feel as protected as possible in these scary times!

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Halo mask is snug, secure, adjustable, comfortable, and easy to breathe through. Eons better than the alternatives!


The mask is good overall but not great for the price.

Comfy and Stylish

I like my Halo mask better than any others I have. It's more breathable, fits comfortably, and looks good. It also causes less fogging but unfortunately does not eliminate it for me, even with the nose pad in place. Still, I highly recommend these and have purchased several more.

Love the mesh.. non mesh not good

I wish I would have realized the difference in the masks. We purchased a bunch with mesh. They are very breathable, and great to wear for long trips. The non mesh are really hard to breath in. I wish I had not ordered so many.

Best fitting mask I own/wear

Best Mask Yet!

I’ve tried masks from several different companies over the course of the pandemic, and this is hands down the absolute best. The mask is very well-designed for fit and comfort— it’s soft and flexible, so it fits close to the face, but has an internal support that keeps it away from your mouth. The fabric is very breathable, even with the nanofilter inserted. It’s as well-made as an article of clothing, and the soft under chin fabric makes for a very custom fit. Does a good job of not fogging my glasses. I was so happy with it, I bought two more for myself, and two for my parents. Love, love, love this mask! Thank you HaloLife for making a product of superior quality.

I like the mask a lot it is comfortable and gives good coverage. I think the chin material should be a bit more generous . As it is it rides up on my chin a bit. But i do think your mask is a good product

Great masks

Very comfortable to wear. Appreciate the extra filtration provided bybtge nano filters

I lost it !!! Bummed I was starting to enjoy wearing it

My favorite mask

After trying several masks, Halo is by far my favorite. Its fit is made snug by the use of the metal nose guard and the extra fabric at the bottom that fits perfectly under my chin. I now own several of the Halo masks as does my family.

Great quality and comfort

Great quality and comfort. What more can I say?

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Love the mesh masks!

I love the mesh masks and I HOPE you make more colors. The new colorful masks are ok, but I feel like my voice is extra muffled and they are harder to breathe through than the mesh.

Best mask I've found!

Love this mask and love this company!

Best mask, and I've tried a few

This mask is hands down the best one I've tried. It is comfortable enough to wear on a long flight without discomfort, unlike other masks I've tried. It has a filter that sits between two layers of breathable material, so the filter doesn't touch your face, and the breathable material the mask is made of is actually breathable, very light, and soft to the touch, unlike with other masks that claim to be breathable. It also has nice, adjustable straps, which were just as soft as the mask, so my ears were also comfortable.

White Mesh Mask With Gray Trim and HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Blue Gray Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology

Blue Gray Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology

Great fitting mask

I have worn my Halo masks for a month, and they have performed very well! They are soft and fit well against my face.

Comfy for work

Now that I’m going into work and I need to mask up all day of my 10 hour work day it doesn’t bother me to wear it the whole tine I’m there. I may be ordering more.