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Love HALOlife masks!

These masks are made very well, have filters that can be changed, breathable, secure, adjustable ear material and I love the extra piece of material that covers the bottom of the face. Very comfortable. We have ordered more and these will be what we wear moving forward. Well worth the cost.

I love how comfortable and secure they are.

I love all the masks I purchased. The only problem we have had is my daughters ripped right where the metal is that forms to the nose. It looks like swiss cheese. Ours have held up very well, so I do not know what the difference is other than she keeps hers in her pocket.

Masks fit extremely well and are easy to breath through. Also pretty good seal so limited fogging on glasses.

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

So so so comfortable! more secure than a regular surgical mask

I didn't really think that a mask could be so comfortable. I've tried other mask styles (including cloth, surgical) and I wasn't too bothered by how they fit, but then I tried a halo mask and OMG this is so much better! I can barely feel it on my face, and the thoughtful design makes sure there aren't any gaps when the mask is on. I've recommended this mask to my friends and they enjoy it too! will def. buy more from here if I ever need mask filter refills or a new mask

Wonderful mask as always, but everyone just wants black

All of your masks are incredible, filters etc as well. I got this beautiful color mask for my mother as it's a beautiful feminine color (does not need to be feminine, just a beautiful soft color). The only problem is they every single person out there just wants a black mask. Everyone feels more confident in black!

Feel very protected with this mask

This mask is my everyday mask. It’s comfortable without sacrificing functionality. I can breathe easier than other masks. Most of all, I feel safer these days.


Súper confortable and you feel cover

Pretty good

These are pretty good overall. My glasses still get foggy, but not as much as with other cloth masks. I would rate these as better coverage and protection than most other cloth masks with a filter, and less protection than a N95 or N100, which have a tight seal to the face. The mask is very breathable. I'm uncertain if this is because the air is going around the outsides of the filter, or because the filter has good airflow. However, the cloth covers the face and under the chin very well.

Soft and comfortable masks

Love this mask so much, I ended up buying 4 more for friends and family. Soft material under chin, the wire that runs down the middle helps keep me from feeling claustrophobic and wire over nose is so comfortable that I don't even end to use the additional nose cushion that's included. Well done, highly recommend and I work in pharmacy for 6-8 hrs/day.

Great mask

Probably the most comfortable mask I’ve wore, for my ears and my face.

The best mask in the market

I been using this mask for the last 6 months and I love it,very confortable for the 10 hours that I wear it, I recommend it.

I love this mask!

I love this mask. I can wear it all day without feeling like I am wearing it all day. It doesn't pull on my ears or fog up my glasses. And it is tight which makes me feel protected but doesn't feel tight!

HALOmask Unity Edition Blue Mask

Getting the filter in can be a pain but still the best fit mask I have tried.

Great Mask

I love my Halo! I have tried numerous types of masks and filters and this is the best by far. It fits my face well and is quite comfortable. I feel very protected and have no issues with foggy glasses. The quality is excellent and I appreciate that the filters last 200 hours. I highly recommend!

Four paws up

Very good mask for running dog agility. Mask stayed put (I used an ear saver/mask extender to make sure of that) and there was no problem breathing in it. Added bonus, we were running on dirt and when I washed the mask saw how much of that I normally breathed in. Yuck! I plan to wear a mask in that environment from now on, Covid or not.

Awesome mask!

Fit is amazing, not as restrictive as other masks and definitely better looking.

an excellent mask

I feel very safe wearing a Halo mask and have as a result bought them for all members of my family.

OK for skiing, but fit issues

I bought two Halo masks to have dedicated masks for skiing. They answer the need, but could be improved by adding a string or clip to pull the ear loops together on the back side of my head. When I tighten the loops, it just pulls my ears forward and sheds the mask on one side, especially when I put my helmet on. While skiing, breathing with a Halo mask on (including filter) is significantly easier than either other cloth masks, or disposable medical-style masks. Except for the ear loop fitting fussiness, the Halo masks meet the need I bought them for.

Excellent Mask

This is the best non-medical mask I've worn.

Best Fitting Mask

Halo is very well designed. Great fit and filter system make it safe and effective.