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I love my Halo masks

I can't say enough good things about the Sea Shell mask, so comfortable and breathable!

A comfortable as the mesh, but so beautiful

I have always like the mesh masks best. Some of the other "cute" ones were not as comfortable to wear. This new mask is every bit as comfortable as the mesh! it is also more beautiful that the pictures on the website. I love it!

Very Comfortable Mask

These are my favorite masks they are more comfortable and cool than other masks I have used, and can wear them comfortably all day.

Indigo Tie Dye Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

The Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter Technology is a very comfortable yet effective product. It is well worth the cost of purchase. I received one as a gift that I misplaced and had to order a replacement as I had become very accustomed to the comfort and effectiveness of my Halo Mask. Thank you.

The best mask I’ve ever worn

I got one of these for a work trip, my first flight since the mask mandates were lifted on airplanes, and I was nervous about flying. Well, not only did I not get Covid during the trip, but I didn’t even catch a cold on this flight (and I’m notorious for catching something on every flight I take). And the halo mask is so much more comfortable than a kn95 or n95.

Best filters

These filters fit all of my cotton masks and make me feel confident that I'm protected.

Best mask for warm weather

I still am required to wear a mask in several situations. The Halo White Mesh mask is well fitted, offers excellent protection and also is cooler in the hot summer weather because of the mesh fabric. It is comfortable which is ideal.

Best fitting mask!

After trying numerous styles of masks since the beginning of Covid-19, I have finally landed on the perfect one! I was looking for adjustable ear straps and a good fit to keep it in place on the chin, and the Halo mask has both, plus replaceable filters! These are the only masks I’ll buy going forward.


Love their masks!!!

White Mesh Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Most comfortable, functional mask I’ve found!

In the 30 months since COVID hit, I’ve tried many masks. I have a sort of large head
7 & 1/2+ Size. Many masks were just too tight and hurt my ears after 10 or 15 minutes. The Halo mask is comfortable (I can wear it for hours with no discomfort) and functional (I haven’t gotten COVID yet!). I have probably bought a dozen of them (I have lost a few). But it’s the only one for me.

Awesome masks!

I love my halo masks! Super comfortable and great fit. Always feel I am wearing the best mask out there!

Another Quality Mask

This is my third Halo mask purchase and all I can say is that they make very comfortable, high quality masks. I definitely feel safe, especially when wearing it in gatherings of more people.

Filters and masks are great

I got for my husband and myself, then my sister and her husband. Wish we had at start of Covid.

Excellent face mask!!!

Halo makes very good masks! They’re comfortable, stylish and keeps you virus free, not only from Covid but from any other air borne disease.

Black mesh sports mask

I love my new black mesh sports mask! I feel safe and comftorable. I have been wearing halo masks for 2 years and have been covid free the entire time. Thank you Halo!

Perfect Mask

I have a small face and the Halo Mask fits perfectly and breathing with the great nano filter is comfortable.

Black Mesh Mask With Gray Trim with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Wish I had these masks 2 years ago

Comfortable, doesn’t move when you’re talking.
I ordered for my sister and her husband based on comfort factor. Great mask

Well made wonderful mask HALO❤

Would not hestiate to purchase more when needed

Nose Pad Replacement 6 pack for HALOmask

Awesome mask!

I am a cancer survivor and as a result, I am immunocompromised, and I have been using these masks to go to the gym and absolutely love them! So comfortable and easy to breathe while doing cardio, I actually forget I am wearing a mask (with a filter!) I love that I can wash them ( remove and replace filter) too. I wear them anytime I leave the house! Excellent mask!

Floral halo mask

I love the weight and texture of the floral halo mask. As well as it is so pretty and looks great in the summer!

Feel more secure using Halo masks

The masks fit well and the filters actually fit the mask