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Great Mask

Got this for my mom. We previously had all of the mesh design and like them, too. She finds this design easier to breath in and more fashionable. :) Double win. Washes up fine. I hand wash and dry. A little wrinkled because of the fabric but totally fine when stretched out on your face. I still love the mesh. Would love to see this color in the mesh design. Thanks for bringing this pop of pink! :)

Great face mask

This is one of the best facemasks I've used so far. It's very comfortable and does not fog up my glasses. It also covers my beard nicely with the extra fabric at the bottom of the mask. Easily replaceable filters make this a great value.

My grandsons love it!

I purchased 3 masks for my 3 grandsons who play soccer. They all tell me it’s the best mask to play in.

The Most Comfortable Mask I Own

These are my favorite masks. I can wear them all day without discomfort. They do not interfere with breathing. I have washed them in the machine with no problems. I feel the nose cushion, adjustable ear bands, nanofiber filters, and multiple layers also make these well fitting, reasonably protective masks. I wear them for medium and long exposure tasks (e.g., visiting a relative in the hospital). My only reservation is they are somewhat expensive, so I continue to wear other masks to keep my overall mask cost down.

Bright Blue Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology

just keep coming back for more

HALOLIFE masks are my family's favorite. I bought 1 of these at the beginning of the pandemic and it quickly became my go-to for comfort, style, and breathability. And I don't have to keep readjusting them when I talk - they stay put! I bought Halomasks for my 2 very active little boys. I bought more for myself & my husband. Everyone in my family agrees - these are hands-down the best masks. Great product!

Shocked at how comfortable

I have a big nose on a small face and had yet to find a comfortable mask that fit properly. This does! The boning to keep it off my face is great. As is the super soft lining. Totally recommend.

Outstanding mask, especially for cycling!

Multiple uses

I have purchased 5 masks since purchasing my first one almost 4 months ago. I work in an office during the day. Coach a sport 4 nights a week and am at a tournament every other weekend. This mask has allowed me to coach, work, and just do everyday life comfortably. I have recommended this mask to multiple people because it is the most comfortable mask to wear all day.


I was a little hesitant to pay this much for a mask, but, I'm so glad I did! Absolutely the best fitting, most comfortable, breathable mask I have found! (looks nice, too) I bought 2, but wish I had gotten more. My hot yoga studio has just opened, and we have to wear masks. I LOVE my HALOmask which allows me to breathe through even the most challenging postures in the 105 degree F room with 40% humidity. After class, I just hand wash and hang dry and it's ready for my next class. I recommend this mask to everyone!

Excellent Mask

I purchased this mask in hopes for one to fit my smaller face and these masks fit perfect!

Of you must mask up. There’s nothing better

The Halo is the most comfortable mask available I have not found it’s equal anywhere

HALOmask Unity Edition Black Mask with Nanofilter™ Technology

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology


Love this mask. So soft and comfortable... forget I am wearing it. PLUS doesn't fog glasses.

Best masks we've found.

We now own several masks each and have purchased additional ones for family. Best masks we've used -- very breathable and no fogging once you find the sweet spot. Feel very comfortable and protected with the filter.

Very pleased with the product. Never leave "home" without it!~

Best Mask for Glasses Wearers

This has been the best mask I've tried so far as someone who's dealt with my glasses fogging with every other mask I have used. My only complaint is that I found it challenging to get the filter properly situated in the mask, but other than that issue I'm very pleased with it!

Love the mesh outer layer

Fits very comfortably, and the ear loops are convenient and easy to adjust for size. A bit easier to breath through. I only wear a mask when I ABSOLUTELY have to.
I bought two more to keep in different vehicles.

Excellent mask.

This mask quickly became my favorite. The nose piece makes it easier to breath and talk, and the nano filter gives me peace of mind when in public areas. The fabric is light weight and held it's shape after fading either.
I can recommend this mask without reservation.

Great Mask

One of the best masks I have purchased. Great fit my glasses don't fog like with other brands. The mask feels really light on your face.

Just excellent

I have seen 1,000 ads on Instagram for the “best breathable mask”. This one might actually be the best. The fabrics is substantial but soft. You actually can breathe and not feel like you’re suffocating. Last, it domes in sizes which is key for a more comfortable fit.

Favorite Mask

I purchased this mask for my husband. It is his favorite! We both own several masks from other companies, but always seem to wear a Halo! It is the most comfortable. I highly recommend any of their masks. Worth every penny!

Blue Gray Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology
Teachers Pet

Best face mask ever! And believe me I have purchased dozen brands to find one that is safe, comfortable and breathable. This one is the best!!!