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Soft and Comfortable

This is the softest, most comfortable mask I have worn. It fits well, it doesn’t slide down my nose or need constant adjustment. I have tried many as an immune-compromised person, I feel secure with the filter system of the halo masks.

Great masks!

I usually wear masks at work 7+ hours per day; the Halo masks are more breathable than others I've tried. Thank you for making them.

Excellent mask

Been using Halomask and filters since end of May/21. Traveled and in use daily. Comfortable, good quality, so far no negative experience.

Great, but still doesn't prevent glasses fogging

I've bought a few Halo masks since covid. Super comfy, relatively breathable, cool designs. Only issue is that despite the claims, the mask does little to stop my breath from fogging my glasses. The rubber nose pads are useless. If you don't wear glasses, they're great!

Excellent mask/filter combo

Once you figure out how to do the filter replacement, it’s super easy. I like their masks and filter system a lot.

Best Face Masks

I have tried hundreds of masks. Absolutely love these. Only family keeps taking mine so I have to keep buying more!!!

Great fit, wonderful filtration, the right mask for the job

Has metal nose bar, good for wearing glasses, adjustable ear bands, very comfortable and stylish.

Best mask

This is the most comfortable, best fitting mask. Stays cool and let’s you speak freely. Also no foggy glasses. The filter is important to me and it does a great job. You can tell because it really cuts down on any odors around you when you’re wearing it, so it seems like larger particles would be greatly reduced. Awesome mask - I have sent many of my loved ones to get one.

Kid's Mask

My 6 year old loves the mask. She wears it all day at school and it's very comfortable for her throughout the day.
I bought us matching ones so she gets excited when we wear them together.
The only caveat is the nose pad seems to come off easily so we used a bit of glue to keep it on.

Overall good mask

I wish the nose area sealed a bit better, even with pinching and when using the foam pad, I still get glasses fog, but the mask is comfortable.


Most comfortable mask we have worn!

Great Mask

Great protection

Comfortable mask!

Mask fits great, adjustable and comfortable so fits both my 5 and 7 year old kiddos perfect! Only downfall is the foam nose piece, it should come with a few more, as they don't last as long with all the washing.

Very Comfortable

Extremely comfortable and worth the money, however, I wish they included additional filters for the masks.

Love my mask.

I have 5 Halo masks and they are now my only masks. They are comfortable, breathable and can be fitted to perfection. Great to work out in too!

We love these masks!

Perfect masks for athletics. I just wish my son wouldn’t lose them all the time! Thanks!

Last mask needed

This mask is easily adjustable, has a great changeable filter, fits well and looks great. It ended my seemingly endless purchasing of masks. It filters out odors that would come through other masks. Its comfortable when I wear it for long periods of time. I've bought them for the family and have personally worn mine for well over a year. Being able to machine wash and change out filters is wonderful. I have added glue to the padded nose strip to keep it in place. When i set up my the masks for my family I added glue to the nose strip from the beginning and this has made them perfect. I am relieved to finally have a mask that is worry free for the family.

Floral Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

We are a Halo family!

I bought my first one in 2020, it’s the only one my 4th grader will wear, we just ordered extra ones for my husband and kindergartener. Others just don’t seem as comfortable or protective to us!

the only masks my kids will wear

My kids LOVE the Halo masks and I feel good knowing they are extra protected with the carbon filter. I do wish they were machine washable, but its not a deal breaker.

White Mesh Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Best Masks

Very comfortable mask! These are my families go to.

Yay Halo!

The Halo mask gives me the feeling of being safe with the impressive filters they come with. I want to make sure my young kids, in school had extra protection with the filters as well. My dog seems to like them also-so I do have to replace them occasionally🙀🤣. I like the designs and feel and breathability! I’m a halo fan!😇

Great mask

I have about 5 Halos myself & have bought for others.
Great mask for working out.

Black Mesh Mask With Gray Trim with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology