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Comfy as heck

Used them for an overseas trip and they were great! Looked great, felt great, stored easily.

Extras for mask rotation

Added 2 more of the same mask for my rotation.
Love these masks. Very comfortable. Easy breathing even with COPD. I don't go to crowded venues..but they've protected me so far from Covid with casual use the past year. For me they fit tighter without the nose pad and trust the filter.

Love LoVe LOVE!!

As COVID-era concert to these masks, I didn't think they could get any better. We've been buying, using, and gifting these since weekly 2020. These particular masks, though, have a new fabric that makes it even easier to breathe (esp. for asthma sufferers like me). I highly recommend these. Plus, the new patterns are so pretty!!!! Fit beautifully, and I have no glasses fog, even without the nose strips. So easily adjustable, and wash like a dream (with delicates, in their own lingerie bag, line dry).

Best. Masks. Ever!!!

Honestly, we wouldn't have survived the past three years without our Halo masks!!! They are comfortable, customizable, washable, AND attractive. And they REALLY hold up!!! The added layer of protection from the filters is superb, as well. Working in the service industry, these have been such a lifesaver--literally. I have them as gifts to all my friends and family in 2020, and they are reordering and sharing as well!!! If you're on the fence, hip off and buy. You won't be disappointed!!!!

Best Mask Ever

It was a challenge getting my husband to consistently wear a mask. He simply doesn't like them. Then I bought the black mesh mask. Immediately the comfort & understated casual design won him over. He now even wears it in business meetings. I've bought 2 more for him since that first purchase.

Great Mask!

I love this mask and filter system. It is very comfortable and stays on the nose. I also love that the earloops are adjustable.

Love the Unity mask

After more than a year of frequent wear, my original Halo masks were starting to feel stretched out around the chin, so I ordered the blue Unity this time. Possibly even more comfortable than the masks with outer mesh.

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Love these mask

Looking forward to getting more when new colors and designs come out ,.They work well ..Fit well for me..I got COVID in April 2020 and I am a COVID long hauler ..These have been protecting me and me and my family now for over 2 years.They also hold up well in the wash..The only ones I trust..

“Best Masks”

Love these masks !! So comfortable !!
Forget you have them on..
Perfect for Compromised Persons that need masks to be around others….


I'm a teacher and I've yet to get covid, most likely from always wearing these

Best masks ever!!

My whole family love these mask and it is the only masks they wear.


I bought 2 of these before but lost one in Germany so I ordered another plus 2 colors but the medium is way too small and large is just right. I didn't remember a size choice the first time.

Summery mask

Great for summer, light.

Halo mask fitlers

One of the easiest breathing, high quality mask I've come across, especially in warm and humid weather. Definitely worth checking out.

Excellence At It's Best

This mask is well made, fits well and does what it's meant to do. If you're tired of disposables or your current mask isn't up to snuff, you can't go wrong with a HALOLIFE!

I love these mask. Way easier to breathe in than most.

Love The Masks But......

Love them and believe they are great to have. I use them all day every day during my work week. They would be much better if you create a woven seam in the nose area so the metal can be removed when washing. The metal is pretty much destroyed, bent, twisted out of shape when washed. This compromises the fit thereafter.

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

Great masks

Great filters and masks! I wear my main KN95 indoors like in the store when there is a wave of COVID-19. Halo masks are my primary masks for the outdoors (when there are people passing by) and when there are no waves. Also, I have tried other nanofiller masks like Cambridge Co and Ar. Halo life is the one that best fits the face.

Nice fit

This is the 5th Halo mask I have purchased.. Pleased with all of them

Kid's Black Mesh Mask With Gray Trim with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Great filters!

I ordered filter for our Halo masks. These have been the only ones we have worn to date. Love them. Comfortable, fit close but not tight, and washes well with no fading. Love them!

Good, comfy mask!

I have used three of these masks now, and they're my favorite because of how comfy they are! The adjustable ear straps are a great added plus as well. Worth the money :)