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Halo Life has a variety of ways that you can purchase our products in bulk, raise funds for your organization or re-sell our products in your online or in person store. Please see ways we work with companies, organizations and groups below, then use the corresponding links to contact us at the bottom to get in touch.

Groups and Organizations: We work with organizations and groups like churches, schools, clubs, associations to get masks in the hands of their tribe. Here are the two ways we currently work with groups:

  1. We set up a referral program where 20% of every sale goes back to the group for promoting our offering to their members. This is easy to set up and groups like Charities, PTAs and Churches are using this as a fundraising vehicle. This is all easily trackable and we can get you up and running with the referral program in under 10 minutes. With this program we also donate one mask to of our approved charities that help people like first line responders, local businesses and the elderly.
  2. Bulk purchases: Based on volume we can provide wholesale pricing for groups or organizations looking to get masks in the hands of their tribe.

Resale: If you own an online or brick and mortar store we have special pricing to get our products in the hands of our customers. We have the infrastructure in place to meet even the most demanding chain store or big box store’s order and quantity requirements.

Corporate: Looking to cover your employees or customers? Get in touch below for special pricing and quantity discounts.