The HALOLIFE+ Program


Our mission is to empower charitable, non-profit, and community organizations to breathe life back into their MISSIONS and the causes and communities they serve.

HALOLIFE+ provides HALOmask Donations, Fundraisers & Exclusive pricing on bulk purchases to our members to help them support and protect their employees, volunteers and those they serve. Our goal is to support our Members as they reopen and even scale up their operations to meet the burgeoning need.

Below are examples of organizations and those they serve that are benefiting through our HALOLIFE+ Program. If you are interested in joining or referring an organization to HALOLIFE+ simply fill out the form here and a team member will contact you.

The Salvation Army Doing the Most Good for HALOLIFE means getting our HALOmasks to people that need them the most.  The Salvation Army is helping us do just that, distributing our masks locally to those that desperately need them.
The Sketchers Foundation  Getting kids safely back to school is a mission we support with our HALOmasks and our Partnership with the Skechers Foundation.
Hearing the Homeless HALOLIFE supports Hearing the Homeless’ mission of Masks for the Homeless and are working on an ongoing basis to support their community outreach.
The Force For Health HALOLIFE is partnered with The Force For Health to not only supply people with HALOmasks but also with the knowledge of how they can become a force for health in their family, school and community.


Charitable causes