Wildfire Safety Guidelines

Thousands of people suffer from wildfire season, even those who aren't directly affected by wildfires. Toxic smoke and fumes can travel across states or even countries, affecting those miles away from the incident.However, with wildfire safety preparedness, we're able to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Read on to see safety tips and resources for this wildfire season.

Pack Your To-Go Safety Kit

  • Keep a bag of your most needed things in an easy to reach bag
  • Pack items like medicine, first-aid, masks, water bottles, portable chargers, and batteries
  • Pack non-perishable snacks and food items

Invest in Quality Masks and Purifiers

  • Stock up on needed supplies like masks and air purifiers for your home

**HALOmasks offer protection against smoke fumes and combustion particles, ensuring that your whole family is safe. Read below to learn more about our patented built in technology.***

Prepare Your Home

  • Make sure that your residence has clear exit routes, ensuring that no furniture is blocking doors or windows
  • Clear any flammable or combustible materials within 30 feet from your residence (dried leaves, lawn furniture)
  • Trim down tree limbs that are close to the ground, alongside any vegetation and vines that may be close to your residence

Discuss Safety Plans with Family

  • Prepare evacuation strategies beforehand and memorize your
  • Know what type of transportation is available to you or around you
  • Practice with your children and pets on how to escape the residence what to do in an emergency
  • Keep an eye out for your local news for wildfire incidents and air quality
  • Evacuate calmly and only go back to your residence/ business once it is safe to do so

Create Your Family Safety Plan:

  • Obtain emergency contact numbers of family, friends, and local authorities
  • Call 911 in an event of an emergency
  • FEMA Hotline:1-800-621-3362.
  • Use apps such as IQAir's Air Visual App. This app helps you stay on top of pollutants in the air. This app offers many features such as air quality alerts, forecasts, and advice on how to plan for the weather.
  • You can also visit Airnow's website to get up to date information on air quality
  • Download the FEMA app on your phone
  • Go to InciWeb's website to keep track of wildfire incidents near you
  • Go to Ready.Org and the CDC.Gov for more tips and instructions on how to stay safe this wildfire season