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We can’t guarantee that our filters will stop the corona virus. Our nano fiber filters are certified at 99.7% viral efficiency at 1.0 microns, which exceeds N95 standards. No company can guarantee with 100% certainty that their filter will stop the virus.  Read more about our nanofiber filters and certification.

We recommend weekly replacement of filters for people that come in contact with the general public often for virus protection and people that use masks in areas with air pollution. For the general public we recommend replacing your mask filters every 2 weeks to 1 month.

Nanofibers are incredibly small fibers – one thousand times thinner than a human hair. Nanofibers form spiderweb-like structures which have an advantage over conventional or even natural fibers due to their incredibly large surface area and tiny pore size. This combination means maximum air flow and particle capture than other synthetic or natural filters, achieving greater efficiency down to PM0.3 microns.

Yes! The Halo Mask and nanofiber filters are tested and certified to Nelson Labs standards by Lanaco Labs to 99.7% particulate efficiency at 1.0 Microns, which exceeds N95 standards. More information and test results can be found on our filters page

General Mask Questions

Masks without filters that are purchased or hand-made have significantly less effectiveness than those with filters. When you have a mask without a filter, the material is the only thing stopping the virus from leaving the mask, or entering.

For example, a recent study by Smart Air determined that wool scarf is ½ as effective against viruses as a N95 filter. Bandanas, which are typically made out of cotton (a popular non-filtered mask material) have just 36% of the same effectiveness as mask with a N95 or higher standard mask filter, like the one in our Halo Mask.

Masks that come with exhaust ports open when you exhale. When exhaling from a mask with outside exhaust ports, they do nothing to prevent someone from spreading a virus since all of the wearer’s breath leaves the mask. The only reason they do this, is because their filter material is too thick for people to exhale through. Many counties across the country are starting to ban these types of masks as they don’t do anything to stop the spread of viruses which can live on surfaces and in the air for several days.

When sized and fit correctly with the nose pad our mask usually won't fog up your glasses. Our masks come with a cushioned, adjustable nose piece which seals off air escape in the upper area of the mask. Our filters are extremely breathable, while also being thin which allows for full exhale through the mask and nanofiber filter. Other masks fog up people’s glasses because either the seal at the top of the mask is bad, or the filter or material are so thick and hard to breathe through that the air has nowhere to go but up, fogging your glasses.

For Halo Masks and filters:

If you've placed an order and haven't received your product yet, you may cancel it at any time before it's been shipped. We accept product returns only for manufacturer's defect within 30 days of delivery. Since our masks are personal protection products, we are unable to accept returns of any kind unless it's a manufacturer's defect. Please refer to the sizing guide to ensure you are ordering the correct size mask. We will not accept returns if the wrong size mask is ordered. 

For Partner Products: 

We will facilitate returns for any items purchased from partner companies according to their individual policies. If you have more questions on this, contact us here. 

Sizing, Fit and Care

In general, the small size fits kids up to age 8, medium fits most women or teens and large fits most women or people with larger faces. To get an accurate measurement on what size is right for you, please visit see any product page within our mask collection

Glad you asked and it's super simple! Position the mask to the flexible metal piece is on top, put over your chin first, then nose. From there, loop over each ear. You can pull tighter or loosen the adjustment bead to your desired fit. 

Remove filter then hand-wash with natural detergent or washing liquid in warm/hot water. You can also add activated oils such as tea-tree, eucalyptus or lavender oil to disinfect the fabric. Simply fill a container with warm/hot water, add soap/oil, submerge mask and agitate by hand, rubbing with a light brush or rough cloth to remove stubborn stains or smells etc. After 30 mins, remove mask and pat / lightly wring dry and place in the sun and breeze. Do not machine wash or dry as this may distort the shape.

Most masks on the market won’t properly protect someone with a beard due to air leakage, thus reducing the effectiveness of the mask. Halo Life has the only filtered mask on the market with a stretch stretchable chin wrap that does a better job at eliminating air leakage for folks with beards.