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Our Story

Inspired Beginnings

The concept of the HALOmask was conceived four years ago in the pristine atmosphere of New Zealand, when fashion & technology fused into a brilliant idea.

Years of design, making, testing and refining our masks on the bustling and often polluted streets of Bali allowed us to perfect our functional design.

When volcanoes erupted in Indonesia, our masks protected many from toxic silica ash. As wildfires ravaged California, we kept citizens safe and looking good.

When Australia was on fire and Korea was choking in pollution, our stylish masks were being worn with comfort & confidence.

Even at Burning Man, our masks have been used by Cosmic Visitors to face raging sandstorms and enhance exotic photoshoots!


Breathing Edge Technology

Our mission has become laser-focused to protect as many people as possible with the most comfortable, stylish and efficient mask on the face of the Earth.

Our masks have achieved a perfect balance of:

    1. Superior Nano-filtration that protects you from a wide range of airborne pathogens, pollens & pollutants
    2. Superior Design and ultra comfortable contour-fit that prevents air-leaks and can be worn for HOURS at a time
    3. Superior Style that reflects your personal fashion sense

Our evolving designs and 'breathing edge' technology have evolved with consumer feedback in harsh, real-world conditions for the last four years.

Innovation, passion and a drive for perfection have inspired our latest release: the HALOmask.


When Size Matters

In an era when microns can mean the difference between life and death, the HALOmask is the only mask in the world with proprietary SETANanofiber filters that capture virtually all airborne pathogens and pollutants threatening to our health.

HALOmask filters have been laboratory tested to capture 99.99% of all airborne pollutants and contaminants at PM2.5 microns, and 97.9% at 0.3 microns – which exceeds N95 filter standards.

The mask’s engineered contour-fit design provides a tight seal and prevents air leaks, while our ultra-thin SETA nanofiber filter allows maximum breathability and protection.

HALOmasks are durable, reusable with replaceable filters and fully adjustable to any face.


A Call to Action!

We have responded to the global pandemic by rapidly scaling our manufacturing capacity to produce millions of HALOmasks for use worldwide. Our immediate goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and stylish alternative to cheap paper and ineffective fabric masks.

We are actively supporting Front Line and Essential Workers by donating masks to numerous charities and organisations with the help of our wonderful customers! >> Learn more


Masks, the New Normal

Across the USA and many countries in various stages of lockdown, people are itching to get back to 'normal life', however with uncertainty and confusion about levels of safety and exposure, it makes perfect sense to wear a facemask that not only protects you, but protects others around you.

According to many health professionals, wearing a mask on public transport and in crowded places not only protects you but also those around you if you're under the weather. The HALOmask filters both ways, so if you're coughing or sniffling, nothing becomes airborne.

Whether commuting, walking or biking in traffic, being exposed to dust, ash or smoke, suffering allergies or chemical sensitivity, or living in industrial or agricultural regions, wearing an effective facemask makes a WORLD of difference, physically, emotionally and psychologically!

We predict that wearing a stylish facemask will become an accepted part of fashion-forward society for years to come.


HALO is Here to Help

We are driven by a strong desire to help people live safer, happier, healthier lives. We do this by:

    • Creating products that fulfill real human needs and help people lead vibrant lives under challenging conditions
    • Fiercely opposing price-gouging or taking advantage of our suppliers or customers, for any reason!
    • Constantly innovating the most advanced, comfortable, protective & stylish products possible
    • Implementing a corporate giving program to donate masks to people & organizations in greatest need

If you would like to join us in GIVING BACK to those most in need, HALOLIFE will donate a mask with every purchase to the charity of your choice at Check Out.

Thanks and Breathe Freely!