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Halo Masks

Bought quite a few of them for the whole family. They are one of the best: breathable, adjustable, feel nice, look good, and provide reliable protection. But messing with the filters is like a full time job. Suggestion: make the liner partially attached with a velcro so it’s easy to open for inserting/removing the filter.

The masks are great but the nose pieces won’t stick. I threw out 2 of them, one came off in about 2 weeks. This did not happen the first time I bought Halo masks.

What happened to the nose strip ?

Your masks are great / but this time I received a shipment and the nose strips are falling off after wearing them once


Very comfortable and breathable will buy again.

LOVE it...


A superb mask

I am thrilled with the Halo mask as I feel very safe wearing them and they are very comfortable.

Blue Gray Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

The best mask ever

I love that there are different sizes and they are snug enough to prevent fogging of my glasses.

Stylish and Effective!

Love these masks! They allow me to breathe well even when exercising and keep me safe!

Best fitting, most comfortable Mask

I love this mask. I bought the black mesh in size medium. I would say my face is normal in size to any average woman and this mask fits perfectly. Doesn’t move off my face when I talk. If you use the nose pad and secure the mask your glasses should never fog. I’ve worn my mask for over 14hrs straight and had no problems.

Great Mask - No Fog Ups

This mask works perfectly. The nose padding helps keep my glasses from fogging up and the charcoal filter makes me feel safe when I’m around other people who I don’t know (if they have COVID or not).


My kids will only wear Halo masks -thank you!

Good but short over chin

Good, attractive mask. Filter too hard to get in/out. Fabric needs to be a touch linger over chin to help secure mask.

Easy to breath and a great secure fit!

I love the mesh mask if you have to wear one then wear one you are comfortable and can freely breath in and this is it, your search will be over I know mine was! Thank you Halolife!!

Nice mask, but usually your glasses can still get foggy.

My perfect mask

The design of these masks are fantastic. They make it easier to breath while wearing them. I recommend them to anyone who asks about them.

High quality mask

Mask fit well, confident in effectiveness.

My Favorite Mask!

Love this mask and need to order more asap. It's so comfortable and fits perfectly. Love the colors too!

Black Mesh Mask With Gray Trim with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Love these masks

I have been wearing Halo masks since the beginning of the pandemic. I work in healthcare and use my halo anytime I am not required to be in an N95 or surgical mask. They are very comfortable and easy to talk while wearing.

Great masks

So comfortable and fast drying. The best masks I’ve worn.

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Great Fit and Comfort

I tried many masks over the pandemic and found this mask the best fit and most comfortable to wear in the long haul. Easy to clean and install new filters. Highly recommended. I will be using this in high density areas for the next year.

Love this mask. Easy to wear.

This mask is super comfortable.