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Halo face masks and filters

I have been grateful for the large supply of masks and filters that I purchased 75 days ago! As a school nurse I continue to protect myself and family from all kinds of viruses, while at work and in crowds. To date, I continue to test negative for viruses, even with family member who have been ill with confirmed cases of viral illnesses, including Covid-19. Having several allows me to rotate them and match my mask to my outfit, as well as wash several at a time (although it is possible to hand wash each evening and have it dry in the morning! Thank you for a nice selection of beneficial products.

Halo Masks

I bought many different masks over the last two+ years. Halo is by far the best mask of them all. Great quality, comfortable, maximum coverage, perfect fit and above all else, very breathable. Great job and I will probably buy more.

My absolute favorite

I now own six or seven Halo masks. They are stylish, comfortable and when I add the filter extremely protective.

Fantastic mask!

One of the best masks I have had, fantastic! Thank you

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

Still the best

Have tried many different masks and nothing beats the comfort and protection I have found with Halo masks.

Very comfortable and safe

Adjustable for a good fit, as well as safe due to your the ability to change out filters.

Love these masks

Just got my 4th bivient covid snd flu shots. Bought new masks for the family, i have two flights coming up, plan on masking up on olanes and airports. I trust these masks and they are easy to wear & comfortable.

I like the design.

I wear masks daily at work. These make that more comfortable than any other option out there.

Super comfortable and excellent fit. The smallish chin extension really makes a difference in wearing a mask.

Beautiful Celebration Mask

My family has used and loved Halo Mask for a few years now, they are the most comfortable, secure, yet breathable mask we’ve found. We were attracted to them initially when searching for a mask that made going to the gym possible, Halo Mask ended our search, it’s a really great mask! We wanted to freshen up our mask style for a wedding we were attending and wanted something a little less athletic looking than the mesh, but also something more low key than a bright vibrant design and the Unity Mask is perfect! I love the sacred geometry- flower of life pattern in a subtle gold, so classy and fitting for the occasion and now everyday. We love it more than imagined!

Love this mask!

My 1 year-old grandson had RSV last winter, and was all up in my face the way only a 1 year-old can be. (Literally coughing repeatedly directly into my face.). Wearing the Halo mask - I did not get sick even after days of caring for him. I’ve been a believer ever since. So comfortable and easy to breath in, I’ve gotten in the car and forgotten I had it on, (embarrassing, I know). I have a small oval face and the Halo mask first without gaps or excess material. Great design - Highly recommend!

Terrific Products

This is the best mask I have found since the pandemic began. I order for me, my roommate and her daughter. We all use them everyday and I haven't been sick in over 2 years.

Excellent mask

All the halo masks are excellent for protecting against gettng covid, which is why, as an Uber driver, I use them. The sea shell mask is quite beautiful and seems to stay cleaner longer, for some reason . I always wear a halo mask , when passengers are in my Uber car, and most are too dim witted to even wear a mask these days. However, I have been driving for Uber through the whole pandemic and have never caught covid even once. i attribute that to masks, not vaccines. I have not even had a cold or flu for three years, and I don't even get flu vaccines. Masks work, folks!!!!

Comfortable and reliable

I have been using these for work for a few years now and find I can’t use anything else now. They provide the best fit and comfort for all day use.

Cool Pink Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology

Never let me down

I’ve been wearing Halo masks since the onset of Covid! The size s is the only mask that fits properly, has replaceable filters, easy to wash, and is soft, face friendly fabric! I love them! My new lavender masks are my newest favorite!

Love these masks!

The Halo masks fit beautifully! Orders are filled promptly and accurately. Both my husband and I wear the mesh mask traveling and we purchased one for our daughter who commutes on public transit in the SF Bay Area daily.

Awesome customer service and quality product

Halolife products are extremely well made, adjustable, and high quality products and their customer service is EXCEPTIONAL! I have never experienced such positive customer service as I received from Kevin at Halolife and I am very appreciative.

Love your HALO masks with filters

Covers well, soft material and wonderful filters make this our favorite face mask. Easy to wash and drys fast. Couldn’t ask for more.

Color choices

No complaints on the performance of the mask per se,
Coverage is bueno, nose to chin. and I appreciate the color
variety, so I hope you will add
a couple for us "autumns"
like gold, aqua, coral.
Love the bright shades
and like having a variety
as masks are part of
my daily gear now.
Maybe even matching
behind the head straps.
More comfortable than K95s
but I prefer not to loop around
the ears.


Good quality

Indigo Tie Dye Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology
Debbie Liebler - Medina, OH / Customer since 2006
Nice mask

I really like my new mask. It came with nose pads so my glasses don’t fog up and it’s easy to breath in it. The tie dye is nice looking too.


I bought for a friend. She likes them