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Great Mask

Chin Band is great and comfortable, material is more breathable than most. I don't use the filters so cannot comment with them, but best mask I have found for one without filters.

Love the Masks

Finally one that fits and you can breath good

Works great.

This mask is amazing. I can tell it is really protecting me when I wear it. You cannot blow out a flame while wearing it.

Great mask

This mask is so light and comfortable I’ve tried many of mask and this is the only one I use

Beautiful and Comfortable

I love the color of this mask! I already had the black and white Halo masks, which have worked great, and I'm happy that the blue one maintains the high quality and comfort of my other masks!

So comfy!

My kids and I have been loving this mask, especially as it gets warmer out. It's soft and easy to breathe through. My 9 and 12 year old both wear the small, but the medium also fits my 12 yr old.

My Opinion

This is the best mask I've tried so far. I've bought 2 masks already and I'll definitely be returning when I need another!

So comfortable

I'm a small to average size female and bought a medium with extra room. Can tighten at ears if I want. Love the soft chin fabric. Easy to breathe. My husband's measurements according to their guide suggested an XL but we bought a Large and it's perfect and still roomy.

Size up if you are thinking of getting M

Overall it's all good but the size I chose was M (recommend for 120lbs) but should have size up L, when I work I can breath easily and no foggy with glasses but M mask doesnt cover my nose and chin properly seems little small even I have small face.

Beat Mask and Filter out there!

Love this mask and filter. They have been a game changer for me. I teach indoor cycling and would never have been able to without this breathable, comfortable mask and filter.
Most filters made it impossible to breath when exercising at high intensities indoors in a mask but I was able to with the Halo mask and filter!
Felt safer breathing heavy around others with a filter and the Halo filter made it possible’

Great company

I've purchased 5 or 6 masks from this company. They have been excellent, as a company and for their masks. Very light weight and easy to wear. As much as I love these masks, I'm really hoping not to have to buy more in the coming months! We're fully vaccinated and are hoping for a return to normal by this summer.

Best Mask

I've currently tried five different kinds of masks, and your HaloLife mask is the best of them. I couldn't say that if I'd not struggled with the other four first. One felt flimsy, like I just wasn't even wearing a mask. Two was smothering while I was face down at my chiropractor's, making me struggle to get a breath. Three didn't fit my face correctly as it was too stiff which caused gaps along my cheeks. And four just wouldn't stay in place while I talked and I had to constantly re-position it back over my nose. Two of them were half your price, one was about the same, and other was more than yours cost. But cost was not the issue. Finally wearing yours all the struggles and fussing stopped. So I ordered two more.

When it was then recommended wearing two masks, no problem, I just added an extra filter. Easy to re-fresh yours also, I'd just remove the filters, hand washed in mild soap, rinsed in vinegar, and hung it to dry, then inserted a new filter.

ONLY addition I added was to take a 60 inch cord shaped shoe string and thread it through the end loops that hung behind my ears after I'd adjusted the tension to fit my face, and tie the string ends together in a knot at the length I wanted. This way I could slip the shoe string over my head letting the mask hang around my neck. When I wanted to put it on, I simply reached down and got a hold of the two loops ...each in one hand, raised the mask to catch my chin, and placed both loops over my ears. To remove, I just reversed the movements and it hung down on my chest until I needed to put it back on again. It wasn't laying on any surface nor being handled to put it in my pocket or purse to keep it near at hand. Mask on or mask off was quick, easy, and never needed me to touch the mask part itself. Your mask was flexible enough to allow no touching of the mask itself and gave me additional feelings for my security.

Of course now they say surfaces do not transmit the virus. BUT, who knows about the next virus that may one day plague us. Your masks, with extra filters, now have a "home" in my emergency first aid box, ready and waiting to be worn. OH... and I found three is a good number for me. One being worn, second at the ready, while third would be washed and drying. Thank you for your product. ~Pat B. - 05/14/21

Best mask

These are, by far and away, the best masks for all day wear. Both myself and my 8 old year old agree!

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Black Mesh Mask With Gray Trim with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Best mask ever

This is the best mask out there. It’s breathable and comfortable, and much more secure than any other mask I’ve tried.

Tidal Bubbles Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology

The Perfect Mask

This is definitely my go to mask for all occasions including workouts. They wash well and the fit is so comfortable. Wish they had more solid colors to choose from.

White Mesh Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Hello Halo!

Happy to get a mask that fits , is comfortable material, and can be adjusted easily. Glad you’ve increased your patterns and colors.

We LOVe them ALL!!!!

You can’t go wrong with a Halo mask. I have mild asthma and exercise induced/“swimmer’s” asthma. We also have ongoing construction in iur neighborhood with every truck imaginable digging 35-80’ trenches. Needless to say there are many reason the kids and I use our masks every day outside of COVID. This is my go to protective mask. We feel safe. The fit is fantastic. It’s full coverage and won’t slip down. Don’t give it a second thought. What I’ve spent on masks I wish I would have just put into these!!!! You won’t regret it. They are easy to wash. We hang dry them. They are so light. The filter is easy to take in and out for washing. The filter lasts 200 hours!!!! Fantastic. Customer service by email and chat are both top notch. I love that they’ve started to offer many more prints and colors.

Pink Halo

Terrific mask but the size is smaller than another mask purchased in a different color in the same size.

Great Mask

These are simpley the most comfortable masks I have found!!

HaloLife face mask AND customer service review

We absolutely love HaloLife masks- that’s why we’re paying 25+ dollars for each.

I bought them through a Facebook ad. The masks never arrived. Thank goodness I am savvy enough to self advocate and find my order and contact the company… Not sure what would’ve happened if I had not been able to find it and get through to them on my own(?) Although once I got through they expedited the order and we have received them in our thrilled. I am just left wondering what would’ve happened to myself and how many others did this happen to? What happens to the masks that are ordered they don’t arrive is it connected to the Facebook selling and things are lost in between in ether space?