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Catches over 99% of airborne particulates


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On any manufacturer defect

Rated 4.8 STARS

Based on 4910 reviews

Based on 4910 reviews
The Best.

I have purchased so many different masks and can say hands down this is the best mask I have found. I have now purchased for my whole family and we all agree it’s the easiest to breath through, stays where you put it and delivery is quick. A+++

Love it

Comfortable for long wear, even with filter. Wash, hang, ready for next day. Fits my face with no gaps.

Great Mask

Best fitting mask I have found.

These masks are soooo comfortable

I’ve been using Halo masks for a few months now. I had a bunch of hand made ones with filter slots that I liked but once I found Halo, those are still sitting in their bag. The homemade ones kept sliding up into my eyes no matter how snug. Halo’s design keeps the mask fixed in spot firmly so I don’t have to keep adjusting it. I’ve bought them for teachers, my clients, my adult kids, in laws, they are that good. We also bought them for our 4 1/2 yr old who has been wearing masks since April. She even wears them on the playground and just asked us for the blue Unity mask like mama wears. I/we feel safer in them and we know we are helping keep others safe. After you buy your first one and know you love it, buy one in every color and extra filters. I find different colors help me remember which ones I've worn and which ones need to be washed.

Nose pads = clutch

These nose pads are a big help for me as I have a large nose. Having it helps give me a great seal.

Great Mask

I cannot put into words how wonderful this mask is. It is comfortable, breathable and most important I feel protected. Great product,

Great mask

This mask provides a perfect fit for my 5-year-old's small face, especially around the nose area. So good I bought two more.


I really do like your masks with the changeable filters. I would recommend them to anyone. They are comfortable and don't poke me in the eyes like the paper masks do.

The best


Excellent product

I love my halo masks. I got 2 and alternate them. I am thrilled that I can wear them all day with relatively no foggy glasses. This is the most comfortable mask I’ve tried. I work at a homeless shelter so it is essential mask my entire shift. The halo mask makes that possible.

Comfort and safety

The best fit and superb quality! So glad I heard about these!!

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements


Very happy with these masks. My favorite (out of many).

Very Comfortable!

HALOLIFE masks are very comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. The choice with sizes is especially nice!

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Happy with Comfort and Breatheability

I purchased masks for my family. I can wear my mask all day without feeling like I need to remove it to breathe. We are all very happy with the fit and comfort.

I would like a mask with head straps rather than ear straps.

Halo masks

I have received the Halo mask. It is great mask that fits my husband's face with a filter.

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

The perfect mask for long beards and glasses

Wow, finally no more fogged up glasses and super indented beard.

Best mask so far! Extremely pleased!

Very Comfortable

I purchased for my family and they all love them.

The Best Yet

I have tried several other face masks that have filters, some made of plastics, some cloth. HALO is the best yet. Getting their filters in, and especially out when you want to wash the cloth mask is an issue, but other than that, it is extremely comfy, fully covers from under the chin to high on the nose, makes good seal with the easy adjustable straps, and comes in beautiful; designs. I also like it that the filters last 100 hours. Now if these old arthritic fingers were dexterous enough to get the filters in and out easier, life would be grand.

Great mask

Technology is why I like this mask. Better than N95 and breathable

Just what I was looking for

Needed an effective mask that didn't block my breathing when I inhaled. This solved all of my problems.