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Works well!

Better than any cloth masks. Gets a bit hot after a while, but very effective and otherwise comfortable.

Lightweight amd comfortable

I have high standards for quality of filtration in masks, and of the few brands I’ve tried these are the best. They feel very lightweight and comfortable, and sometimes I even forget I have them on. I especially like the thick, soft ear straps that have plenty of room to adjust just right. And the nose wire and optional foam stick on pad are perfect for getting the right fit around the nose and I have not had any problem with my glasses when wearing these masks. The chambray mask is a really nice shade of blue that compliments many of my outfits. It looks great, feels great, and works great!

Best masks!

I have purchased masks for many family members. Best option & quality for long range airline flights. Thank you for keeping us all safe!


Bought this for my child (10 years old) after the first, not mesh, Halo mask was a success for use at school. It fits very well. I think this one dries faster after being hand washed as well.

HaloLife Mask

We like our halolife masks because of the good fit and comfortable wesr

very useful and convenient

I take it everywhere, and it's easy to keep next filter readiy

The most comfortable mask! Easy to clean and change filters.

Good but tricky

Filter a bit tricky to get just right but otherwise so far so good!

Awesome masks

The mask is super comfortable and fits the way it’s supposed to. I now own 5 Halo masks and highly recommend them to everyone that asks about mine.

Great find!!

Fantastic fit and comfortable for all day use! Kid approved.

best mask EVER

Love the Halo masks! They have been my go to mask early on in the pandemic. I would attach a picture if I could. They fit so well and look great.
They have wonderful customer service too. I made a mistake on my last order they graciously helped me with.
I have recommended them to family, friends and strangers! :>

Comfortable and secure

Bought some for my kids for school and they love them and give me piece of mind. I also love mine, so soft and comfortable.


No problems breathing with mask and filter. I initially struggle getting the filter in the mask and set correctly but after that it stays in place without sliding out.

Favorite mask

I love these masks best!!!! The beak shape gives me breathing room as I have advanced COPD. The mask never gets wet!


I still prefer my silk mask.


The mask fits very well, and I suspect it would be a good fit for many different face shapes. The inside lining is VERY soft, which makes the mask very comfortable to wear. The filter covers much of the front of the mask, so I'm hopeful that air is being filtered through the filter, and not through the (albeit very soft) knit fabric.

Very comfortable!

My kids love these masks.

Love this mask

Love the color, the protection and breathability.

Nice addition

Love the idea an additional layer of protection! Fantastic mask to begin with, charcoal filter just brings it to another level.. Would like to add, can be a bit difficult to insert, but take your time and go slow and it does fit perfectly.

Love it!

Great simple, easy kit. Love the idea if recycled materials for bottles…seems like a no-brainer and great use for plastic. One thing, sanitizer solution could use a touch of scent. No matter, mix a bit of scented in with it. Perfect


These are some of the most comfortable masks to wear all day. The filter, however, can make it a bit more difficult to breath. I wear Halos most every day.

Daughter’s favorite

This mask is my daughters favorite. She is 7 and wears glasses and has had trouble finding masks that stay on her face. These do!

Best Masks on the Market!

I work in public health and have bought a lot of different masks at the beginning of the pandemic. All had some major problems except the Halo mask! It is the only mask I've purchased that does not allow air to escape through the sides so it rarely fogs up my glasses. When it does I just tighten the nose wire and it fixes the problem. I have a small beard/scruff and the extra fabric around my chin is great to give some extra protection as it is more difficult for the air to escape compared to other low quality masks. The three layers, including the micro carbon layer, makes me feel very safe while wearing this mask in indoor settings. Plus it is the most comfortable mask I've worn! The wire in the mask prevents you from breathing in the mask, which happens all the time with cheaper lower quality masks. I have purchased two Halo masks over a year ago now and both have held up well after handwashing. I will definitely be purchasing more masks in the future from Halo! These masks are worth the investment!

Best mask

These are by far the best mask I have tried, very comfortable and no foggy glasses

Filter Replacements

I love the extra protection the Nanofiber Filters provide