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My favorite Mask!

Hands down this is my favorite mask to wear. It fits well on my face and is ever so comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I love the nano technology used for the filter, which makes me feel more protected.

Great protection for 2+ years

Over 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic, these masks have protected us through international travel and daily life in public in a community of high COVID-19 rates and low mask use. As a healthcare provider, educator, and Infectious Disease specialist, protecting others and staying healthy and working (and free from long COVID) has been critical. Highly recommend HaloLife masks for comfort, with effectiveness that's probably as close to an N95 as you can get. Will continue to order refills.

The best mask we have tried so far--even for air pollution

I am so happy with this mask for my 3 year old son. Even though there isn't as much of a need to wear masks for covid protection currently in our area, there is still air pollution from cars, trucks, and limestone excavation when we need to go into the main city. This is the only mask I've found so far that blocks the diesel soot and dust almost completely (at least based on smell and how we feel after passing through the city). I feel really happy I can protect him not only from covid but also soot and smog. Plus it's very comfortable and easy to fit to his face. And even looks sporty and stylish. My only suggestion is to make the nose pad built in because after a few wears it easily falls off. But in general, really excellent, thanks!

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

Flower of Life

I always receive complements on the flower of life masks, I have a blue one and a black one. I like the the sophisticated yet ancient symbology design. All while wearing a mask that protects and is comfortable.

We love these!

I’ve purchased these several times because my family loves them so much. My kids wear them all day at school with no complaints. Our first choice!

Mint Green Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology

Comfortable, but too difficult to change filters daily

My kids do you like these masks for their comfort level, however I find it extremely difficult to get the filters in and out of them every day. I have average size hands, not jumbo fingers and I still can’t get the thing in and out of there. And two of the five that we’ve purchased have had the vertical support bar brake within a month, which makes it useless.

Black Mesh Sport Mask with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Mint Green Mask with HALOmask Nanofilter™ Technology


The HaloMask is comfortable. It seems to be well fitted and is doing a reasonably good job of filtering. I feel a slight difficulty in inhaling and the mask is sucked in, indicating little leakage around the edges. My only complaint is that the foam pad came loose and would not stick again.

Floral Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Great mask

Very comfortable and breathable. Best we’ve used.

Very happy

Feel very safe while wearing the mask. Plus, it is comfortable.

Comfortable and adjustable

What a relief to find a comfortable and adjustable mask work all kinds of fun fabrics!

Halo masks are my favorite!

My Halo masks are my favorite because while they block particles, they are also incredibly comfortable and don't move when I talk.
I recently attended a tradeshow where a mask was needed multiple days and I knew that my Halo mask would make it a much more pleasant experience.

I love the new mask

My husband really love your masks. They are easy to wear and offer great protection when we need it. Thank you for making this wonderful face mask available and kudos to your creators. They did an excellent job!

Very good mask with a few flaws

I have ordered almost a dozen Halo masks so I clearly like them. I think they are very good masks with a couple of flaws. I bought the small masks for my kids, ages 6 & 9. The fit is great, they are comfortable, create a nice "seal" on the face and the nose piece keeps the glasses from getting fogged. They are my 9yr old's favorite mask to wear to school. The nose piece is great because he wears glasses and it's the only mask that prevents his glasses from getting fogged. However, in two of the masks the metal noise piece has broken through the fabric and that metal is pretty sharp. My 6yr old likes wearing them but he has a bad habit of playing with his mask a lot. The plastic piece in the front that keeps the mask away from your mouth has broken on at least two of his masks. Since they are not inexpensive I can't keep buying them for my youngest when they break. I just wish they were a little more robust for my kiddo. Overall, really good mask.

The BEST Masks

I only buy the HaloLife masks because of their fit and their filters. I tried others and I feel safer in these. I'm glad they have expanded to different colors.

HALOLIFE Face Mask with Filter

This mask is so comfortable! It is soft and adjustable, and with the filter inside, I feel totally protected.

Great mask

Lovely mask with beautiful design. Fits well and is very breathable.

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

Hot Pink Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology