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A Great Mask!

So far I've found this mask to be practical, comfortable, and effective.

Great masks

I love these masks. The center seam means they dont feel like they are suffocating me. i can work with one on and be heard quite well

Replacement filters

The filters are easy to replace and I appreciate that they caver the whole area of the mask.

Vaccinated is an adjective?

Love thesemasks

The masks are comfortable and fit well. They don’t get too hot like some do.

a little hard to breath

I love the full coverage and the quality of the mask. It is very thick and I feel well protected, but it is a little hard to breath and my face sweats when I wear it.

Best masks for kids

These masks make me feel more confident that my girls are protected than any other. The girls find them comfortable and have no trouble keeping them on they don’t slip down, and even fit my two year old.

Almost perfection

It’ll work if we put pad and mask in a right places. Also, it’s still a temporary solution to prevent smoggy eyeglass due to its material durability. So I gave 4 stars as a high ranking general.

Filter replacement order.

I ordered filter replacements on 5/31. The order was part of a special offer of Buy One Get One, At first your system did not accept the special code. Had to contact customer service, which worked very well. Then the filters did not arrive and today I senta message to customer service and was told that package was lost by shipping company and replacement has been ordered, Waiting for delivery date. Customer Service response seems to be excellent when needed.

Great mask once you get the filter in

I have several Halo masks. They’re soft, comfortable, easy on the ears, and a good fit. But inserting the filter is an infuriating process and sometimes I don’t wash the masks as often as I should because I don’t want to deal with removing and reinserting the filters. It’s kind of a terrible design and really wouldn’t have to be.

Daughter loves it!

Bought this for my 5 yr old daughter. Love the design and how comfortable it is for her to wear. Halo masks are the best!

Satisfies my needs

Does not fog my glasses
I can breath while exercising

Filters are great

I'm satisfied with how comfortable and effective the masks and filters are.

I love my new tidal bubbles mask. It’s super comfortable like the other halomasks. I’m going to order another one so I always have a spare.


Great coverage and comfortable to wear. I get lots of comments!

Good-quality washable masks

I ordered the Halolife masks based on the Wirecutter review, and haven’t regretted it. The masks are very comfortable; I wore one for a couple of hours when I had to attend a funeral in church, and by the time I left I’d forgotten I was wearing it.

There are some nits to pick. The masks come with a stick-on strip for your nose pad. It didn’t stick, and seemed unnecessary and unwashable. I just ignore it. I was happy to see that they had a YouTube walkthrough about how to insert the carbon filter into the mask, but was bewildered when I saw that they fast-forwarded over actually inserting the carbon filter. It’s not a hard thing to figure out, but that choice didn’t make it easier.

Very happy

great mask

The only masks I love!

I have a large collection of HaloLife masks because the are the only masks that fit! Size medium is perfect! They hand wash well, and deserve the care I give them. We take care of each other! ❤️

My son's preferred mask

My 14-year old son is quite particular about the masks he wears, and he says this mesh one is the most comfortable of all the ones he owns. Perfect for long days at school or summer camp!

Wow, Comfortable!

I bought it to wear in the airport and during my flight. It is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn and fit beautifully.

Best, Most Comfortable Mask

I tried Halo masks based on a friend’s recommendation about 6 or so weeks into the pandemic and never looked back. I love the overall comfort, the adjustable ear toggles, the adjustable metal nose strip, the soft material under the chin, and the nose pad. All of those things added up to a very snug, very comfortable fit. I work in a school and we were face to face with students 4 days a week for the 2020-2021 school year. I felt so nice and (sorry to overuse this word in my review, but it is what stands out when I wear this mask!) snug in my Halo mask, and I wasn’t bothered one bit by wearing it all day long. The changeable filters made me feel good because I felt like I really was getting a new mask each time I washed mine and put in a new filter. I felt these masks were easy to breath in, and they did not suction inward as I breathed in. My husband wears glasses and these caused the least fogginess of all the masks he tried. I ended up purchasing these these masks for my family of 4, and I am very happy with them. We are now a fully vaccinated family, and though we are wearing our masks less often (school is now out, plus some restrictions are lifting for fully vaccinated people), we keep our Halos at the ready, and as comfortable as they are, it is never a bother to put one on. I never felt the need to double mask, as I was confident that my Halo was doing the job. In fact, I like my Halo mask so much and have so enjoyed not having so much as a cold for over a year that I may pop it on during flu season from now on in certain situations! Thanks, Halo!

HaloMask NanoFiber Filter Replacements

These Nanofilters are an excellent addition to the exceptional HaloMask.
The filters are thin, protective and fit securely inside and across the pocket of the mask.

easy to replace in the masks and i truly notice a difference and feel safer

Stay safe

Still love these masks and filters!