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Best Mask for Daily Use

My son still fully masks and has an ASD diagnosis and many sensory processing issues and this became instantly his favorite mask. It's been a challenge to find one's he like and throughout the pandemic he outgrew "kid masks" to adult sizes. The sizing options are perfect!

Black Mesh Mask With Gray Trim with HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Indigo Tie Dye Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Dependable coverage

I have selected this brand for their three layer design. It is comfortable and gives me confidence to be in a crowd. I am older and have health issues. This chioce was important for me.

HALOmask Unity Edition Black Mask with Nanofilter™ Technology

Great product

Fits well; washes easy. Durable. Love them; wear them everyday. Thank you!

Good fit and comfort

This is my third Halo Mask purchase. I have not found any other mask to be as comfortable and well-fitting.

Great fitting and comfortable

I had ordered a couple masks about a year and a half ago, since then I have got a couple new ones as well. The masks are great fitting and comfortable. The ability to wash the mask and change the filter is awesome which really extends the life of the masks. Highly recommend!


I ordered my mask per your size chart and the mask fit perfectly.

The most comfortable masks

My husband and I wear our Halo masks whenever we are in large groups of people in theaters, airport terminals, and anytime we feel that it a safer option. The Halo masks with filters are the most comfortable masks we have found.

Thanks 😊

Helped me stay safe through the pandemic. I wash them with my clothes (inside a fabric protector) and they do just great (just have adjust the wire over the nose). Thank you!!!🙏🏽✌🏽❤️

White Mesh Mask With HALO Nanofilter™ Technology

Motion Activated Sanitizer
Lauren Chavez
Motion Activated Sanitizer

Super CONVENIENT! I bought several, and I love them (they were on sale!) I use them mostly for my hands, but also for my stethoscope, and other small items. They are smaller than I thought, but the spray is strong, and the small size actually makes them easier to "tuck away".

The mask fits well and with the filter I feel safe.

White Mesh Masks

I have severe MCS and hyper smell. I love these masks because I can fit an extra charcoal filter in there for odor protection. (I cut the charcoal sheets to fit.) I also just find them to be really good quality and nice looking.

So comfy!

I was very happy to discover a comfortable and safe mask to use when wearing for many hours, like traveling, or a crowded work situation. So handy, extra filters available.

Works fine and service is great.

Awesome mask

Masks are annoying for sure. But this mask is so comfortable I forget I have one on, and does not hurt the backs of my ears. Highly recommended


Great mask

Comfortable and protective mask

This is a great mask especially if you are working out with a mask on. The ability to breathe properly is difficult in most mask…this one is much bette than most masks to breathe in.

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

HaloMask Nanofiber Filter Replacements

Halo face masks and filters

I have been grateful for the large supply of masks and filters that I purchased 75 days ago! As a school nurse I continue to protect myself and family from all kinds of viruses, while at work and in crowds. To date, I continue to test negative for viruses, even with family member who have been ill with confirmed cases of viral illnesses, including Covid-19. Having several allows me to rotate them and match my mask to my outfit, as well as wash several at a time (although it is possible to hand wash each evening and have it dry in the morning! Thank you for a nice selection of beneficial products.

Halo Masks

I bought many different masks over the last two+ years. Halo is by far the best mask of them all. Great quality, comfortable, maximum coverage, perfect fit and above all else, very breathable. Great job and I will probably buy more.

My absolute favorite

I now own six or seven Halo masks. They are stylish, comfortable and when I add the filter extremely protective.