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Enjoying Your New HALO Mask



Congratulations on your HALO Mask purchase - this page is about helping you get the most out of your mask.

  • Don't pinch the noseband -- we know it's tempting to fold your mask and press the nose band tight -- but don't!

  • Handle the filter with care. Do not pull tightly on the sides.
  • You will find two strips with each new mask -- these are nose pads to apply to your mask. Adhere one on the mask into the V where your nose goes -- this helps to create a great fit and prevents fogging of your glasses.
  • You may prefer to wash your mask before wearing for the first time, like any new clothes purchase. If you are sensitive: soak your mask in warm water with white vinegar (1:4 vinegar to water) for an hour before handwashing your mask in warm water with detergent according to our video instructions below. Feel free to add a few drops of essential oils to the hand wash for a nice natural scent.

  • Only handwash the mask; do not machine dry. Remember to remove the filter before washing.
  • Change the filter every 2-4 weeks. (The filter's lifespan is 200 hours.)

  • Take pictures of you in your mask and tag them on social media! #myhalolife


How do you insert the filter?

How do you wear the mask?

How often do you change the filter?

How do you wash the mask?

HALO Mask Filters

HALO Mask filters feature an exclusive New Zealand nanofiber tested by LANACO LABS (NZ). Filters are currently in process of being certified for USA, EU, AU/NZ, Korea, Vietnam and other regions.
As shown in the lab results below, our exclusive 'hyperloft' nanofiber captures all airborne particulates down to a size of the smallest viruses (0.1 microns), while meeting or exceeding international standards at 1.0 microns (99.70%) and 2.5 microns (99.99%).

We guarantee our products provide safe and effective protection from polluted air conditions when used correctly.

For More Information on How to Care for Your Mask and HALO Life

We'd love to see photos of you in your mask!
Post your pics on social and tag them with #myhalolife!