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Nanofibers are invisibly small, more than a hundred times thinner than a human hair! They are ‘electro-spun’ by exposing a polymer solution to ultrasonic frequencies that produce an extremely fine spider web-like matrix. This matrix is a super efficient PHYSICAL NET that captures airborne pollutants, particulates and pathogens down to a remarkable 0.1μm (micons) - smaller than most viruses.

The science behind this advanced material was developed by our New Zealand Nanotechnology partners Revolution Fibers, who have National Innovation Awards and International Accolades for their nano discoveries. Revo and HALO have worked closely together to create the world’s most efficient nanofilter material, which has been lab-tested and certified at levels far exceeding N95 standards.

HALO Nanofilters™ are superior to all other filters as they allow maximum air flow while simultaneously capturing maximum amounts of particles and pathogens in a paper-thin replaceable filter. Combined with our mask’s moisture-wicking bamboo lining, sweat and condensation are greatly reduced for easier breathing - even under vigorous conditions or long hours of wear. In addition, our nanofilter protects BOTH the wearer from outside dangers while protecting OTHERS from the wearer if they are unwell, test-positive or at risk.

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