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5 Ways to Shop Safe During the Holidays

5 Ways to Shop Safe During the Holidays

3 minute read

This holiday shopping season is unlike any other. With current events affecting how we interact with the world when we venture outside our homes, HALOLIFE wants to help you stay as safe as possible while shopping for Christmas 2020. Here are five ways to shop safely this holiday season.

1. Get In-Store Shopping Done Early 

While stores may not be as crowded as they usually are during the holidays, you can still expect last-minute shoppers to pack the aisles. Get as much of your in-store shopping done as early as possible this year, so you can avoid long wait lines to get into the store and more long lines at the register. No matter how early you shop, go to the store on off-hours when you can likely expect fewer people, such as right when the store opens or right before it closes, and wear a high-quality mask.

2. Shop Online

Maybe you already do most of your holiday shopping online. If you don't, this is a good year to start. Online shopping allows you the convenience of having stores ship their products to your home, where you can lower your risk. Just like with in-store shopping, expect online shopping to ramp up the closer it gets to Christmas day, so order gifts early.

When your deliveries arrive, limit face-to-face interaction with the delivery person. Also, let packages sit in a garage or another isolated area for a few days before opening them.

3. Use Contact-Free Credit Cards

When making purchases, limit contact with keypads and credit card scanners. You may already have a contactless credit card you can tap against a payment terminal without swiping or keying in a PIN.

If you don't have a contactless card, ask your credit card issuer if you can receive one in the mail to replace your current one. You can likely get a replacement for free.

Touching contaminated surfaces is not a common way that the virus spreads, but it is still good to limit your risk during cold and flu season.

4. Rely on the CDC

Turning to experts and professionals can help address fears and quiet holiday shopping anxiety. Before heading to stores, look at the CDC's latest recommendations for staying safe while running errands. For instance, the CDC recommends social distancing at least six feet from other people, asking if stores have special shopping hours for those at high risk, using marked exit and entry points and only touching items you plan to buy.

5. Shop at Stores That Follow Guidelines 

Not all retailers follow the CDC's latest safety precautions, which can place shoppers at risk. Before heading out, check to see if the stores you plan on shopping at adhere to official guidelines to protect workers and customers. Even when you arrive at stores that say they have guidelines, see for yourself if they follow through with their claims before stepping inside them.


Hopefully, you feel better about shopping for the holidays. For more insights, or to order a comfortable HALOmask mask with a filter, contact a HALOLIFE representative today.

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