Ways to Show Extra Kindness to Essential Workers

Ways to Show Extra Kindness to Essential Workers

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The coronavirus has exposed many issues in society, such as who are really the most essential workers. While the Department of Homeland Security has an official definition of essential workers, it’s obvious that it takes many people to keep America (and other countries) operating through a pandemic. Some of these essential workers were already at an economic disadvantage before the pandemic. Now, they’re trying to keep their jobs going amidst the risks they face when they can’t socially distance due to the nature of their work. Many of these workers are risking their lives to protect others, even though their own families are at risk. Stay safe during the pandemic and show extra kindness to the workers who are keeping society going.

Good Manners

The people on the front line at your grocery store and in medical offices don’t usually make policy. They may be enforcing mask requirements, but it isn’t up to them. Don’t treat people badly for doing their job. Be patient when you’re asked to wait. Let essential workers know you appreciate their work. Say thank-you for their dedication and service.

Tip More

Give your delivery person a larger tip when you can. Don’t get mad when your order is wrong. Take a deep breath and decide whether it’s worth the additional time to the driver to make it right. It might not even be their fault, but it’s their time you’re taking to fix it. While they’re making another trip for your problem, they could be losing money on other orders.

Support the Families of Essential Workers

Think about your friends and family members who are working longer hours. It may not be possible to change their job demands, but you could take dinner or have dinner delivered to them once a week. You could do their shopping when you do your own. If you live close, offer to take care of their pets when they work long hours. Send a card telling your loved ones that you’re thinking of them. Include a gift card for a treat or offer to pay their bill to one of their streaming services.

Cheer For Essential Workers

Honor the people in your life by making some noise on social media for them. Call a supervisor at the store of an employee and tell the manager how much you appreciate the worker. Give a specific example. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper thanking essential workers. Get together with a group of friends to have a catered meal drop-off at the local fire station or hospital.

Stay Safe at Home

One of the best things we all can do to stay safe and keep essential workers stay is to practice good habits to stop the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Don’t make unnecessary trips to the grocery store or mall. Remember that we’re all in this together. We can reduce the risk to essential workers by following the guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Shop the HALOmask collection of face masks for a comfortable mask that is breathable and adjustable.


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