6 Health Goals for the New Year

6 Health Goals for the New Year

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Health remained at the forefront of most people’s thoughts for 2020. Aside from the direct public health crisis, giving up the gym and spending more time at home has taken its toll. People now joke about the pandemic pounds more than they do the freshman fifteen. So, what health goals should you consider for the new year? It’s not too late to add these to your 2021 to-do list.

1. Lose the Pandemic Pounds

How much did you weigh before the pandemic? Even if you didn’t know the number, you probably remember what clothes sizes fit you at that time. Set a specific goal and work toward it throughout the year. It took you a year to stack on those pounds, so be patient with yourself. There’s no need to expect immediate results.

2. Get Out More

Indoor air quality is almost always worse than outdoor quality. You also function better when you breathe fresh air and soak up some sunshine. There are many ways to spend more time outdoors, even during a pandemic:

  • Go hiking or trail running.

  • Ride your bike to work or on trails.

  • Go camping in the woods.

  • Rent an RV and travel across town or across the country.

  • Spend more home activities outdoors, such as eating or even working.

  • Take your dog on more walks or to the park more often.

3. Pick Up a New Sport

In 2020, most people canceled big plans and put their lives on hold. It forced them to accept that life is short and the moment is for seizing. What sports have you always wanted to learn but never found time for? Whether it's learning to rock climb, playing soccer or riding a bike, now is the time to get this done.

4. Create an At-Home Gym

Not everyone has the resources at their disposal to create a full at-home gym, but there are many ways to get an at-home gym underway. People who live in small spaces can choose equipment that stores easily, such as dumbells, small weights, resistance bands and foldable equipment. For those with small budgets, consider thrift finds, online sales and even repurposing everyday items around the house.

5. Consume Less Sugar

Several studies have shown that sugar is addictive. Unfortunately, that sweet tooth can come back to bite you in the form of cavities, diabetes and other illnesses. Sugar also contributes to packing on pandemic pounds. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. It is not uncommon for people to discover they are hypoglycemic after cutting sugar out of their diets.

6. Drink More Water

There is rarely such a thing as drinking too much water. If possible, replacing all your drinks with water would be ideal. Even if you do not, extra servings of water can help moisturize your skin and hair from the inside out and flush your body of toxins. It also staves off the symptoms of dehydration, which may include disorientation and headaches.

Your 2021 health goals will vary based on your experiences in 2020. Choose something that works for you and find a way to stay safe. If you plan to exercise in public spaces,wear a mask that can reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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