Why Should I Wear a Face Mask Outside?

Why Should I Wear a Face Mask Outside?

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Though you may have started wearing your mask to stay healthy during the COVID-19 year, there are many situations beyond a pandemic in which you may want to consider wearing your mask to breathe easier and avoid getting sick. These instances will depend on your location, how often you come into contact with other people, and even the season of the year. Take a look at the below suggestions for times you’ll need to keep a mask in your purse, pocket, or car.

Avoid Seasonal Pathogens

Almost a full year of COVID-19 mask requirements is coming to a close, but this doesn’t mean that the pandemic is truly over. While it (hopefully) sputters out due to continued social distancing and with the introduction of new vaccines, don’t forget that there are other viruses — like the flu — that will take advantage of the opportunity to infect everyone around! Wearing a mask can help you avoid highly contagious pathogens in the same way it helped keep you healthy during COVID-19.


Make sure to keep your mask handy if you know you’ll be in a crowd of people. If you live in a highly populated city, you may want to wear your mask while walking down the street, in public transportation, and when entering crowded buildings, such as grocery stores.

Create a Barrier Between Yourself and Pollen

Though spring and fall can be beautiful with their swift and colorful changes and pleasant temperatures, these two times of the year bring about another change that’s met with a groan by many allergy sufferers: peak pollen season. When an allergy sufferer walks outside when pollen is high, these small particles can enter his or her respiratory tract and cause sneezing, coughing, and even wheezing in those with asthma. If this describes you, know that antihistamines aren’t your only option during peak allergy times. High-quality filtered masks can provide you with some relief from your sneezes during your commute or your stroll down the street.

Breathe Easier in Areas With High Pollution

Those of us who live in densely populated areas understand that the emissions from cars, buses, and factories can fill the air with pollution that’s bad for your lungs. Unfortunately, simple bandanas or cloth masks won’t provide you with muchprotection, but masks that include filters can provide a barrier between you and the unhealthy air by capturing tiny particles before they enter your respiratory tract. If you live in a big city, or you’re considering visiting one, make sure to take your filtered HALOmask with you when you go for walks outside. It can help you breathe cleaner, safer air as you travel to your destination.

Don’t ditch your mask when social distancing ends! Mask-wearing can help you avoid germs that may make you sick, minimize your exposure to allergens during peak allergy season, and our filtered HALOmasks' nanofilters can reduce the pollution you would otherwise be breathing in crowded cities. ContactHALOLIFE with more questions and visit us to find a comfortable, breathable mask that’s your best fit today.

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