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Overcoming Maskne: Skincare Tips for Frequent Mask Use

Overcoming Maskne: Skincare Tips for Frequent Mask Use

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When you spend all day with a mask over your face, your skin may be left to face the consequences. One of those is maskne — acne across the nose, cheeks, and chin caused by wearing a mask for prolonged periods. Wearing a face mask traps moisture and heat next to your sensitive facial skin. That encourages bacterial growth, which can settle into pores and cause — you guessed it — acne. Add in irritating and abrasive fabrics chosen for practicality over comfort, and even small outbreaks can become inflamed and angry. Use these skincare tips will help you reduce the effects of maskne and restore your smooth complexion. 

Wash Your Face Regularly

Clean skin is the foundation for healthy skin, so start with a gentle cleansing routine. You'll want to wash your face at least twice a day, more if you are prone to excessive sweating. Use your fingertips to gently massage the skin during cleansing and rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid harsh and abrasive soaps since they can cause irritation and possibly aggravate maskne. 

Use an Appropriate Moisturizer

While you may want to limit cosmetics under your face mask, you don't want to skip moisturizing. Use a formulate that is appropriate for your skin type. Products with hyaluronic acid or dimethicone can add an extra layer of protection for sensitive skin. 

Limit New Skincare Products

If you have a tried and true routine for taking care of your skin, now might not be a good time to add something new. Certain products such as retinoids and salicylic acid are more likely than others to irritate, and the warm, moist space inside of a mask can magnify that effect. 

Choose the Right Mask

Many people assume that skin products will contribute to maskne, but that isn't usually the case. The type of mask you wear, how it fits and what material it is made of tend to have a more significant impact. When you select a mask, look for one that fits your face securely without being overly tight. A contoured shape, multiples size options and adjustable earloops like those on our HALOmask make a customized fit easier to achieve. Keep your mask clean by washing it regularly. Changing the filters as recommended will ensure it offers maximum protection from germs without irritating your skin. 

Take Mask Breaks

Even when you are required to wear a mask all day for work or school, you are bound to have several break periods during that time. Removing your mask every three or four hours, even if it is for only five minutes, can make a difference in skin health. Be sure you are in a well-ventilated area away from other people and potential sources of contamination before removing your mask. Use the appropriate technique for taking it one and off. 

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