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Thank you again for being a HALO Life Affiliate! On this page you'll have access to important information and sample social media posts as well as graphics that can be used across your social platforms.

Average commission per affiliate: $16 | Average order value: $80 (individual results may vary)

Remember: We ship the masks and handle all customer service questions; all you have to do is promote your link!

Some suggestions:

  • Use your own photos whenever possible - take pictures of you wearing the mask in various public places
  • Use hashtags when promoting on Instagram and Twitter (max 30 hashtags on IG and 2 hashtags on Twitter)
  • Place your affiliate link in the bio sections of your social media accounts
  • Engage your audience with a question about their own mask usage
  • Plan regular promotional posts but try to follow the 80-20 rule: 80% of your posts should be personal, 20% should be promotional
  • According to FTC regulations, you must disclose that you are promoting an affiliate link (examples: "#ad," "I'm working with HALO Life," "I've teamed up with HALO Life," "Click my affiliate link," "Please note: This post contains affiliate links")





Social Media Graphics

Sample Tweet

Stay safe with the HALO Mask. I've teamed up with @myhalolife to showcase this amazing product, which is fashionable, lightweight and protects against everyday dangers. Use my link to get yours today: [afflilatelink] #LiveLifeFiltered

Sample Tweet

Need a face mask? I'm teaming up with @myhalolife to show their brand new HALO Mask -- designed for comfort, style and protection. Use my link to snag yours: [affiliatelink] #LiveLifeFiltered

Sample Tweet

Guys!!! You have to check out this awesome mask! It's super comfy and looks great! And it promotes safety when I'm out and about! Check it out: [affiliatelink] #LiveLifeFiltered #affiliatelink

Sample Post

Stay safe and #LiveLifeFiltered with the brand new HALO Mask. I've teamed up with HALO Life to showcase this amazing product -- which sets a new global standard for protection against viruses, bacteria, pollution, smoke, allergies and more. Plus, it's fashionable, lightweight and comfortable. What more could you ask from a face mask?! Use my link to browse and get your Halo Mask today: [affiliatelink]

Sample Post

Need a face mask? I'm teaming up with HALO Life to show you their brand new product, the HALO Mask, because it is a must-have in your modern wardrobe. It's designed for comfort, style and protection against viruses, bacteria, pollution, smoke, allergies and more. Use my link to snag your mask: [affiliatelink]

Sample Post

Hey everyone!! I am super-excited to share this new product I'm promoting: HALO Mask!! It's comfortable, stylish and (very important) keeps me from inhaling icky germs. What kind of mask are you currently using? Check out the affiliate link in my bio!

Important Facts


  • Patent-pending design with special contour fit eliminates air gaps that plague paper N95 masks
  • Replaceable nanofilter extends mask life for safety & value over time
  • Super-comfortable with excellent breathability unlike most masks
  • Revolutionary nanofilter captures 99.99% @2.5µ, 97.90% @0.3µ
  • Outperforms N95 rating (= min 95% capture at 0.3µ)
  • Protects against pathogens, mold, pollution, smoke and more

Sample Images

We recommend you use your own images whenever possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log in to my account?

HALO Life uses the Shoutout platform to manage our Affiliate Program. You can access your account via this linkhttps://www.shoutout.global/login?id=r1jmw

Where can I get pictures and other stuff to put in my social media posts?

There are a number of images available in the gallery of your Affiliate Account. We have also created anAffiliate Resource Page with additional assets. You will also be receiving emails with suggested posts for various social media challenges. If there is something specific you need, just ask. We will do our best to help you out.

How do I get paid?

Currently we are using Paypal for payouts. You can add your PayPal email in your Shoutout account, login credentials were issued to you via email when you signed up. If you do not see an email please check your spam or junk folder.

When do I get paid?

According to the terms of the Affiliate Agreement once your commissions earned exceeds the $100 amount, HALO Life has 45 days within which to make a payout to you.

Why does it take 45 days to get a payout?

As with any retail business we have to account for cancellations, returns and chargebacks. The 45 days window allows us to ensure your sales are final and that commissions payouts are accurately matched to sales.

What if I do not have PayPal?

We are working on providing our Affiliates with other options for receiving payouts. Once these become available you will be notified.

Why does my identifier disappear from my special link when I paste it into my post?

Often your social media application will recognize a url and pull and image and/or description from that URL to include in the post. When this happens the identifier portion of the link is recognized as such and masked or hidden from the view of your audience but still active. To see if your special link is working, login to your account on Shoutout and see how many leads have been generated by your posts.

Can I get a sample mask?

The best way to get a sample mask is to order one (or more) for yourself just as a regular customer does. This way you can have the same experience that a customer does. Once you receive your masks and generate some leads as an Affiliate, we will be happy to process a refund for your order.

How do I invite others to join my downline?

In your Affiliate Account you invite others to join and get a special invitation link that will allow others to join your downline. Anyone responding to your invitation or using your special invite link will automatically be added to your network. You can check to see who has signed up in your Affiliate Account.


- HALO Life

*Note: This mask is not regulated to be used within the medical field or as PPE (personal protective equipment)