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Safer Outdoor Valentine's Day Activities

Safer Outdoor Valentine's Day Activities

2 minute read

We’re all looking for safe activities to do while in the pandemic, especially during any holiday. Although every activity outside of quarantine has its risk, it’s safer to do activities outside to lessen the spread of infection and viruses. Here are some safer Valentine’s Day activities that may just save the day. Just remember, to always wear your mask when outside and to check with your public health officials for more information on the regulations in your area. 


Valentine’s day doesn’t always have to be about restaurants and gifts, but can simply be about taking time out of your day to unwind with one another. A walk through a park or even your neighborhood could give you a much needed change of scenery. You’ll be out of your house, de-stressed, and spending some much needed quality time together. 


Going on a bike ride with your valentine can get the heart rate pumping (literally and figuratively)! You’ll be able to explore more of your surroundings and get a little exercise in as well. Plan out a route, bring some water, take pictures -- just have fun with it! 


Sometimes having no place to go can open up roads to anywhere. A car ride is perfect for a chill day, just enjoying each other’s company. Get to know more of each other, pack your favorite snacks and just enjoy the little things. 


For the foodies who love to dine, but can’t this year, an outdoor picnic may just be your calling. It could be as simple or extravagant as one could want-- dealer’s choice. Make sure to check with your public health guidelines and the weather before you plan one! 


Some areas hold drive through events that may be worthwhile checking out. Make your date as comfortable as possible as you listen to some music, watch a movie, or catch a show! Bonus points if you bring popcorn, candy, and blankets. 

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